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Hey, I’m Mike!

I’m the guy who came over from the dark side of the fitness industry to coach my fellow nerds and awesome people to be SuperHumans.

I got sick of all these so called fitness “gurus”, supplement companies and BS marketers who try to prey on people with false hopes and lies.

That’s when I created Superhero Jacked and began coaching nerds and awesome people. I started also researching tons of celebrity routines and through that and my own clients and SHJ members, I found specific ways to meet goals and unlock the full potential in people.

This Academy is for you!

Sure, I love hanging out with all the Academy members, but that’s just a bonus on top of the success stories that come through.


Yeah, I could see how you'd want to know that...

The Academy is the place where I put all my research and development as a trainer and personal guinea pig and give it to you in one self-paced, lifetime accessible course.

And, don't worry, we're going to be going over ALL the details.  Literally everything.  The problems, how we solve them, and what makes The Academy different!​

So buckle up, hang on, and check it out - because your SuperHuman Transformation is about to begin.​

(I'll Show you more LAter!)

Andrew kept his abs while bulking up and getting JACKED!

Chelsea started training to start feeling STRONG and unleash her inner superhero.

Mike lost 60 lbs over the course of 6 months!

What People Are Saying About The Academy

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I'm so happy I found this Academy!”

Between the people that are a part of it, the guidelines you have, and everything Mike gives you on top of it: this will be the only fitness product you'll ever have to buy.

Dan Peretz
- Superhero Academy Member

"I've lost 9 pounds following the routine and already see major results...!"

Only a month into starting the Women's Bodybuilding Path (Wonder Woman)!

Christina Kane Le
- SHJ and Academy Member
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Best decision in the last 2 /3 years to join this awesome group of people!"

Edward Jansen
- Superhero Academy Member

Meet Your Superhero  Academy Coaches

Mike RomaineSuperHuman Leader of Superhero Jacked and The Superhero Academy

I'm the guy who came over from The Dark Side of the Fitness Industry to coach my fellow nerds and awesome people to become SuperHumans.

No, seriously, that's what I did.

I've been coaching for 7+ years now, and through my Celebrity / SuperHuman research at Superhero Jacked, guinea pig experiments on myself, and successful client transformations, I've developed a system that continuously proves to allow people to unleash their inner superhero.​

Keep an eye out for me in the transformations!

Derek MellinoMMA and Fight Instructor

Derek is a certified trainer and self defence coach.  His credentials include being a coach with 15 plus years in martial arts training and instruction including MMA, Muay Thai, RMA, Jiu-Jitsu and (possibly the most important part), a comic nerd for 40 years. Derek loves his workouts to be intense and fun.  He is also the father of two small children, but always finds a way to make time for fitness and training.

You can catch Derek in the Private Facebook Group for continued help on fighting and all things MMA training.

Let's talk about all the Problems we solve within the Academy (and the features we use to solve them)!

Problem One:
Everyone has Different Goals...

Well, fellow SuperHuman in training, you came to the right freakin' place.

The Superhero Academy is the MECHA for Goal-Setting and Path Diversification based on every specific individuals goals. 

Goal-Setting is absolutely vital to your transformation.  I can't stress this enough.  I talk about this in the individual workout and nutrition segments as well, but choosing the initial goal for your path is going to be where you start and what you strive for in your SuperHuman Transformation.

One Feature The Academy Uses to Solve this:
✓ NINE Different Academy Paths to Choose From

The Men's Bodybuilding Path
Bulk and Tone
Utilize Bodybuilding Style Techniques

The Circuit Training Path
Tone and Cut Fat
Utilize Cross Training Techniques

The Runners Path
Lose Weight & Gain Endurance
Utilize Long Distance Running

The Women's Bodybuilding Path
Tone and Lose Fat
Utilize Bodybuilding Style Techniques

The In-Home Path
Tone and Burn Fat
Utilize In-Home Workout Routines

The Fighters Path
Lose Fat and Tone
Utilize Fighting Style Techniques

The Weight Loss Path
Lose Weight and Tone
Utilize Full Body Workouts & Cardio

The Powerlifting Path
Gain Mass and Weight
Utilize Powerlifting Techniques

The Gymnastics Path
Lose Fat and Tone
Utilize Gymnastics Styled Techniques

Another Feature The Academy Uses to Solve this:
✓ Multiple Nutritional Guideline Paths

You'll be given access to all the nutrition guidelines for each goal set:
Weight Loss, Fat Loss and Muscle Toning, and Mass Gain.

If you want to lose weight you're going to need to do one thing.  If you want to lose fat while maintaining muscle and toning, you're going to want to do another.  And, finally, if you want to focus on mass building, you're going to do another!

Each specific nutrition goal is unique the same way a workout routine is.  That much we're aware of.

That being said, the easiest breakdown for the goals is through having the defined goals we use within the Academy.  

With the three goals we list, we utilize the Nutrition Pillars from SHJ in unique combinations to be sustainable and extremely useful to each specific plan.​

Problem Two:
The Workout Routine

This is really simple actually.  There are different types of workouts for different goals. You can’t just insert a routine and expect to magically get the results you desire. Think about it, what if someone else inserts that same routine but has different goals…Are both identical routines supposed to accomplish both sets of different goals?

This is how so many trainers or so-called "fitness gurus", as they like to be called (I think..) send out the same exact routine to every single customer and wonder why they have no results coming in...

Hey guys!  Over here!  It doesn't work like that!

How The Academy Solves this:
✓ Specific Workout Routines for each Goal
(Over 50 Workout Routines in Total!!!)

You're going to receive access to every single workout routine I've ever researched, broken down in a way that allows you to utilize the right one for your goals.

Within each path you're going to be given access to the specific path workout routine, but also TONS of different alternatives that you can use within that same path.

Bonus Way The Academy Solves this:
✓ Every Single Celeb Routine Ever Researched
Broken Down into Each Individual Path

Not only do you get every single PDF download to every single celebrity routine I've ever researched, but you also get them split into every single one of your nine pathways, specifically put there to fit your goals.

There's no point of having you guess what routine is good for what goal...that would defeat the purpose.  And, I believe in being able to find the most sustainable routine, while also having the option to switch it up when necessary...So, there's not just ONE option here.

And the best part?  
As I research more celebrities I consistently update the paths and add all the free PDF downloads to their given goal-set.

Problem Three:
Your Nutrition

Again, this is very simple.  There are different types of nutrition for different goals. You can’t just insert a diet and expect to magically get the results you desire. Think about it, what if someone else inserts that same diet but has different goals…Are both identical diets supposed to accomplish both sets of different goals?

I could use the same exact example here as well. Imagine one person wanted to lose weight, another gain muscle, another lose pure fat, and another all at once?  Do you think you'd be able to send out one blanket diet?  Heck no.  There has to be specific guidelines that all diets to flourish.

They can have the same pillars, but they have to be utilized in different ways.

Feature The Academy uses to Solves this:
The SuperHuman Diet - Customizable for Each Goal

I'm not sure about you, but I like to be able to eat whatever I want at time.  
That's why I found a way for cheat meals to be beneficial....Say what!?

The SuperHuman Diet has built in cheat meals that allow carb reloads (your favorite foods) to actually help with your hormones, fat loss, muscle gain, and whatever other goals you might have!

Problem Four:
The Big Little Things (Kryptonite Protection)

Everyone has a Kryptonite.

Finding out what that is becomes crucial when completely your journey.

But, how are you supposed to know what LITTLE things make a BIG difference?

Whether it’s sleeping improperly, not recovering, not supplementing right, or even one tiny little thing that is throwing off your entire transformation progress – we cover it all.

One Feature The Academy use to Solve this:
✓ Courses with 15+ Learning Modules

Another Feature The Academy uses to Solve this:
✓ Instructional Videos

Ever wonder how much the little things can change your results?  Well, between the Learning Modules and the Instructional Videos we rapidly put an end to your Kryptonites, and make it so you can stop worrying.

Oh, and the best part?  Coach Derek and I are both at your disposal and you can request any Instructional Video you'd like to be added!​

Problem Five:
Not Enough NERD TIME

I agree.  This is a huge freakin' problem.

If we're being honest with each other, this problem is one that I needed to solve for myself as well.

I want to nerd out more often, and fit it in with people who are like-minded and awesome.  (Hence the creation of Superhero Jacked in the first place, right?!)

Features The Academy uses to Solves this:
✓ Membership Site Full of Forums, Groups and More!

After meeting and interacting with the awesome group of people we have in the Private Academy FB Group (which you'll see below), I decided to take Coach Derek's suggestion and grow it into a Forum as well.  

He told me he needed a place to talk more nerdy, and not blow up everyones notifications (because the FB Group tends to be more about fitness and nutrition questions), and now we delivered.

Problem Six:
No Support and No Fun

You can’t be expected to do this alone. Every hero needs a little support! And don’t worry, the Academy has you covered.  You get all the motivation and support you need to continue pushing on with your journey!

You already knew you had direct access to me, but this makes it even easier.  Right in your Dashboard with loads of other bonuses, like the diet calculator, and even extra bonus workouts you are given access to a direct-email coaching corner.

When I was building The Academy I thought to myself “What don’t the other memberships allow for? What can be REALLY different!?”.  And then it hit me. Not only am I literally in the Private Facebook Group, and Academy Forums EVERY DAY, but you also have direct access to me in a Coaching Corner within your User Dashboard.

Feature The Academy uses to Solves this:
✓ Private Facebook Group

Another Feature The Academy uses to Solve this:
✓ SuperHuman Challenges

Isn't it so upsetting when you get started with a new routine or diet (or ANYTHING unordinary in fitness), and it just turns out to be such a CHORE!?

I mean, not only is it completely Superhero oriented, motivating you with tons of other awesome people, revolves around sustainability so you don't give up, and solve other common problems...but we also want you to feel as if you're achieving something each month.

Where do you think you fall?!
Level One:
Level Two:
Level Three:
Well, we put it to the test every month, as a team!

Extra Academy BONUS:
The Minimalist (Nightwing) Path

The Nightwing Path is here!

It's been a long wait, and has been asked for countless times, but we can finally take advantage of this BONUS path and system.

This Path will utilize the following:
-calisthenics, acrobatic and agility type training,
-that requires NO equipment,
-can be customized to fit any amount of days,
-has progression levels (Beg, Int, Adv) that allow you to move up the stages,
-and includes its own minimalist nutrition as well!

You get to choose the amount of days and hours you train, you get to choose what you eat, and you get to choose if you want a gym membership, equipment, or none of the dang above!

The Nightwing Path's Minimalist Nutrition is a broken down version of the current Academy guidelines, which enables people to eat even more of their favorite foods (if that was possible)...

After testing the new guidelines for a bit, I'm sure they are ready for all you Minimalists who want more McDonalds, donuts, and nights out to dinner with the friends and family.​

More People Talking About The Academy

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I'm proud to be a part of this group.”

“I love how we keep pushing each other!  That's what a team of superheroes is supposed to do, right?"

Blaise Harris
- Firefighter and Academy Member

“Due to watching my caloric intake the past 2-3 weeks I have already lost over 5 lbs!”

After her first couple of weeks in the Academy (before even starting her workout)!!!

Judith Notaro
- Superhero Academy Member
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Believe me, if you commit to the workout and diet you WILL see results.”

“I've been doing it for a while now and I know this stuff works!"

Richie Green
- Superhero Academy Member


What makes The Superhero Academy different than other wanna-be products?

We talked about all the problems The Academy solves, which are also huge ways it’s different from most fitness products, but here’s why you need to get involved…

✓ I (Mike, who you’ll learn more about later) am actually in the community every day leading, giving advice, and helping you throughout your journey!

✓ You are not alone! You will be surrounded by other like-minded awesome people who are members of the SHJ community. Need a community of nerds and people bettering themselves? This community is the right place!

✓ The Academy guidelines are all made to be sustainable, instead of asking you to do things that would be impossible to maintain....(like other people...)​

✓ Realistic milestones and goals! I understand what it’s like working full time, balancing family life, and trying to incorporate proper fitness and nutrition in your life. I keep it real, and will help you manage your time, balance life and work, and give you the training you need to reach your goals!

✓ I am doing this for YOU! The Superhero Academy is a true passion project for me. My goal is not to make millions. My goal is to help thousands of people transform into SuperHumans and change their future through fitness. I want to help you too!​

Simple enough, eh?  Let's do it!

The goal of The Academy is to help you transform into a SuperHuman. That means absolutely looking and feeling your best.  Joining The Avengers is just a side perk that may be able to come from it.

I’m so confident that if you follow the advice and workout plans, you WILL see results.

However, if somehow your brain is taken over by Hydra in the next 30 days and you decide The Academy isn’t for you, we'll work hand in hand to make your transformation come alive.  Or, your Inner Superhero!

How much does it cost?

A lot of online products or courses charge monthly fees or recurring charges that can total hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per year.

Even hiring a coach can be helpful for some people, but it costs thousands of dollars for a couple hours per month of coaching.

Academy is much different. No monthly charges. No recurring payments.

**Unless of course you opt for a monthly payment, which ends immediately after The Academy is paid for.**

Join us with a one-time payment of $132 (or monthly payment plan option).  They get you full, immediate access to the entire Academy, all bonuses, the quest tracking, and all future updates (for life).

When you buy today you get instant access to:

  • Instant Access - Sign up, and immediately get started! There's no waiting for anything.  You get your email and you're in.
  • Academy Login - Upon purchase you'll be sent a Username and Password that allows you to keep coming back and entering The Academy!
  • The Superhero Paths - There are NINE Paths to choose from, and you'll be given the option to explore every single one.  Each one has a different set of goals, and way of achieving them that is built directly to fit your needs.
  • Workout Path Alternatives - The Nine Paths also include a variety of other workouts that you can jump around to in order to keep your routine from going stale.  The Academy features over 50 different workout routines in total!
  • The Nutritional Guidelines - The SuperHuman Diet and Guidelines are broken down into three different sets of goals in order to make them customizable for any transformation. 
  • Online Courses and Learning - The online courses are the key to crushing your kryptonite.  We explore everything from the basics to advanced techniques you'll need to get your transformation going smoother than ever.
  • Instructional Videos - Along with the courses and learning modules we also include instructional videos for a variety of different things.  These videos cover the miscallaneous requests we receive (from you and other members)!
  • Direct Coaching & Member Access - In the Academy you're given direct access to Mike, the coaches, and all the other members as well.  Having a team to back you up is key to success!
  • Private Facebook Group - The Facebook Group is our private home for daily motivation.  We have members who check in constantly and support each other every step of the way.  Oh, and we also like to nerd-out as well!
  • Monthly SuperHuman Challenges - Each month we do a SuperHuman Challenge that enables our members to try and reach a certain level while also having fun with others.  What level do you think you can hit?!
  • Academy Community and Forums - The Academy also features a Community aspect that has forums, groups, direct messages, and more.  You can chat with the other members directly and have tons of options within.
  • Lifetime Access and Updates - Once you're a member, you're in for life!  There's no getting rid of us, and there's no stopping your fitness.  Let's do it!
  • Bonus Material - On top of all the amazing benefits you'll also be given access to bonus PDF recipes, a diet calculator, and much more!
  • Double Bonus - The Nightwing Path (for Minimalists and more): This bonus path is used to use the most minimal equipment, nutritional strain, and guide you to the most results with least amount of time.

It doesn't get much easier than this.

Invest in The Academy and us, get 100% access to everything for the rest of your life.

Academy Members Becoming SuperHuman

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for weight-loss or muscle gain?

When do I get access after purchase?

Will we have access to you (Mike)?


Is this an eBook?

What if I don't have time?

How many workout routines do I get?

What if I'm a beginner/newbie?

Is this for men and women?

Do I have to be a nerd?


Save $42 over the 6 month plan and $21 over the 3 month plan.
Pay one shot and own it forever!

Save $21 over the 6 month plan.
After 3 months you own it forever, and the payments stop!

After the six months you own it forever, and the payments stop!

P.S.:: Hey it's me, Mike.  I can't wait to have you join us, and I'm always here to help.

Anytime you need me you can reach me at  Don't hesitate to email me and ask for help.  This Academy is for you, and I just get to be the one to help and watch the transformations unfold.

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YES, I want access to The Academy, the coaches, and the other SuperHuman's transforming already!