Unlock The Secrets To Unleashing Your Inner Superhuman

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  • Research from over 300 of The World's Top Celebrities, their workouts, diets and lifestyles; picked apart and analyzed.
  • How these celebrities REALLY transform & sustain their results.
  • Dozens and dozens of Celebrity Case Studies showing exactly how YOU can achieve The Superhero Physique
  • The Top Training Styles and Diets Used Among ALL The Celebrities We Have Researched at SHJ
  • Strategies on how YOU can take all that has been compiled from this research to create your path to the sustainable Hollywood Physique


My mission has always been to find the most sustainable workout routine and diet plan FOR ME specifically.

Through my research of now over 300 celebrities I've realized that most of them are doing the same thing...whether they realize it or not...

I've guinea pigged more than half a dozen diets and in turn found multiple that I can really sustain (on one occasion losing over 60 pounds; and another spending over a year sustaining a very lean physique under 10% body-fat).

And because I know these are sustainable for me...I can do it all over again if I want.

I am going to be sharing each one of these diets that I've tested because I think it's important that each person goes through their own testing phases to find what is right for THEM.

I will also be sharing specifics to what I've found unique about celebrity training methods.

And...I don't think it's what you think it's going to be...

My research of these celebrities has literally not only changed my life and the way I sustain my own fitness, but it's also completely altered how I teach others to do so as well.

This book will give you the exact details I'm referring to, and share all the research that changed my life, except it will come compiled into over 250 pages instead of the years of research, fluff and testing that I've put it through.

Back then, I too thought fitness "had to suck".

Some of you veteran's of SHJ may have watched as it has developed over the years; constantly changing and improving as I learned from the world's top performers (celebrities, athletes, superstars, etc).

One thing that I really focused on changing is the idea that fitness has to suck.

It doesn't.

Fitness does not have to suck.

In those first pictures (the ones from above, on the left), I was under the impression that it had to suck in the sense that I thought you had to work your absolute butt off and make the sacrifices "necissary" to achieve your goal physique.

I've now changed my mind.

Now I realize that I can have my donuts, my pancakes, and whatever else I want while training in a way that suits me; whether that be 3 hours TOTAL a week, or 10 hours of intense training as a form of meditative relief.

What it comes down to is, seeing how the world's best are able to transform and sustain these incredible physiques, or transform in the blink of an eye in ways that are not-so-sustainable, WHILE being the busiest people in the world, has truly changed my life.

And now I hope my research will also change yours.

Mike Romaine  //  Author

I have now researched over 250 celebrities workout routines and built over 500 workouts being used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.  I even wrote a book all about The Secrets to The Hollywood Physique and Performance.

Our Academy and Legacy Program are built around allowing you to achieve the same success I have been researching and building around for a way that is built around YOU specifically.

Mike Romaine



You have to see some of these celeb transformations that come out of NO WHERE, right?

What about the guys that are actually able to sustain those physique through the years once they achieve them?

But they sure as heck don't ALL sustain it after...

And then there's the guys who have just sustained their physiques through the years even through countless roles!

So what's going on here?

What are the techniques that ACTUALLY create these physiques that stick...?

The physiques and performance levels that can be SUSTAINED?

That is exactly what the book answers, and exactly the tactics we utilize in our Academy and coaching to transform our members.



I can't take all the credit.

We also have an incredible group of people who are also utilizing these tactics to transform their lives.

Here's just SOME of the amazing success stories I love to share...

You can change your life right now. It's time to take action now and transform how you have been living. Use these simple, effective and proven methods to start unleashing your inner!

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