A Fitness Sponsorship For Nerds, Weebs & Awesome People With The Largest Fitness X Fandom Website In The World?


We're looking for NERD, GEEKS, WEEBS & AWESOME PEOPLE to join our team of Sponsored #SHJARMY Brand Ambassadors! 

If you're someone who wants to level-up your life by getting in great shape, improving your health, helping others, making additional monthly income, & being a part of an awesome community...then this is for YOU.

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  • Join our #SHJArmy.
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  • Become a sponsored athlete.
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A Little About SuperheroJacked.com

  • We believe Fitness Doesn't Have To Suck: Since day one we've been about cutting through the BS in the fitness industry, hacking down fitness myths, and teaching people the REAL secrets to unlock their dream physique and superhuman health.
  • We Break The Mold Between Fitness X Fandom: We're a community of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who love superheroes, anime, movies, and so many different fandoms; but we also invite new members with open arms to come in and begin their fitness journey in a FUN way.
  • We Have The Largest Free Workout Database on the Internet: 1500+ Free Workouts compiled of 300+ Celebrity Researched Routines and Hundreds of Workouts Inspired by Anime Characters, Superheroes, and Characters Across All Fandoms!
  • We have been featured in: Men's Health, Lifehacker, Indiewire, LADbible, Diply, Looper, Den of Geek, The Cheat SheetBodybuilding.com, Muscle and Strength, and many more.
  • We started as one and grew to many: Mike started SuperheroJacked.com nearly ten years ago now, and now we've grown to hundreds of thousands of members across social and email platforms and millions of monthly page views every single month - with millions of people downloading and utilize free workouts to date.

We're looking for passionate nerds, weebs, geeks, and awesome people to join our new venture in apparel!


  • Profit Sharing - Each #SHJARMY team member receives a percentage of sales from all booklets, apparel, and membership sales.
  • 40% Product Discount - All #SHJARMY members receive up to a 40% discount on all Superhero Jacked current and future products. 
  • Private Ambassador Group - Private ambassador group filled with other passionate #SHJARMY members.
  • 10% Discount [Share] Code - Your own unique discount code to use for social media to build your brand and give your followers a unique discount.


"We're looking for the MOST passionate members of our nerdy fitness community to promote Superhero Jacked as we take our Plus Ultra Membership and 50+ Workout Booklets and expand into apparel and eventually even supplements. All sponsored members of #THESHJARMY earn $5 referrals, 20-30+% commission rates, 40% product discounts and join the largest Fitness X Fandom community in the world."

- Mike Romaine, Owner
SHJ's Nick Fury / Master Roshi


  • Be AWESOME! Whether you're a nerd, weeb, geek or anything just as freakin' cool - we want you to have a passion for the SHJ brand.
  • Be passionate about fitness and health.
  • Be willing to help others by motivating them and giving them the tools to transform their own lives.
  • Be goal oriented and driven to success: In order to earn money, bonuses and free gear you'll need to have enough passion for the brand and helping people that it drives you to want to share it!



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